Assignments ~ all important no great, no small

Arrival was in the evening after almost 20 hours of travel… Another long day to get to a place with the gift of light.

Each of us has an assignment, none greater than the other.. All equally important and vital when it comes to the plan of God.
We are required to “complete the work” so we hear “well done, thy good and faithful servant”.
That means doing what we are assigned to do, so it allows others to do what they are assigned to do.

We are greeted and “wisked” through customs with out incident. This is only possible due to assignment… God’s assignment to a beautiful Ugandan lady. What is her assignment? She was placed in customs by the Lord to help missionaries get their distribution items through with out having to “pay someone”, be taxed, or confinscated by officials.

Coming through with 22 50lbs boxes labeled on the outside as: Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Computer items, Food, toys and medical supplies, can raise eyebrows and tempt officials to meet their own needs in this oppressed and desperate nation.

But no, she smiled big as she waved to us and greeted Pastor Bill. With out a problem, we were ushered to our bus for the next 2.5 hour journey to Lugazi….