A glimpse of China… more to come….

My arrival back was just over a week ago from China. And it was another wonderful trip… There is lots to share, but one of the most important things was the work we continue to do with the Special Needs Orphanages.

The orphanages are special places to me, the Lord deposited the love for the children in my heart. In China, any child with a disability or deformity is not considered a “completely functional person”. Meaning, they are very discriminated against and when the children are born, they are abandoned. But the Lord, He has a plan for each of those children.

On this trip, we brought a young girl who had a disability. She was such an encouragement as I called her a “bulldozer” as she smashed down the ideas in the heads of those there that people with disabilities cannot do things. It was wonderful!!!!!

Our commitment and faithfulness to the Lord in reaching out consistently to one of the Special Needs Orphanages, caught the attention of the local communist officials. They were overwhelmed by the sincerity of the Love we have for the children. So much so, that they invited us to go to a school for the children and allow us to take pictures. Their invitation was truly favor with man. And the Word says, The hearts of wicked kings are like water in the hand of the Lord. Yes indeed. The Lord opened the door so we could touch more of the lives of the children.