The last leg of 2008….. Burkina Faso, W. Africa..

I depart for the next leg of the race which takes me back to an all familiar place, Burkina Faso, W. Africa. I remember the first time the Lord spoke to me about this nation. I was thinking, where in the world is this place? It was the place where He started to transform my heart for missions. It was a few years before that point that I had said I would never be a missionary, much less, go to Africa. Now here I am, going back for the fourth time to Burkina.

The relationships that we have build continue to be solidified with the work we do. Our plan is to work in the orphanages, work with the police again, and then go out to the bush villages and continue to share the truth of the Gospel of Light to those who have never heard the name of Jesus. Oh how sweet it is….and how do I enjoy the bush work!

Can you please put up the following in prayer over the next few weeks:

1. Safety of the team. Things are constantly changing. Please keep Ps. 91 – the shadow of His wings.. .
2. For the orphanages.. for us to get to the children and workers another touch from heaven that propels them to continue their walk with the Lord.
3. For the ministry we will be doing with the police force. This is huge because each time we go to Burkina, they ask us to do more and more!
4. For the village ministry.. Many small Christian villages are surrounded my Muslim villages, may the light of His Glorious presence be seen and draw many to come and receive the truth
5. For safe food and water… Again, becoming more important as clean water is only available in 3 of the villages.
6. For all our distribution items to arrive with us…
7. For the Holy Spirit to move through us freely so all that the Lord wants accomplished is accomplished.

I know this is a short list, so pray whatever is on your heart for the team and me. I look forward to updating you when I return. With all trips being recounted.

God Bless and love in Christ who is the way to true life.