A place I did not know existed, but there I was sent

The ride was It was a bit over 2 hours in the boat to this amazing place. Our arrival was greeted with Children standing at the jetty. After our “introductions” to the children, we were led to the church which was a 2.5 mile hike up the mountain.

The land was so unique… I think that lake Victoria must be a “quieted” volcano as there were boulders all over the landscape. They looked as if they were just “dropped” from the sky onto the landscape. As we hiked along the mountain ridge, Lake Victoria was in the backdrop.

It was amazing, it looked as if one was on the Sea coast. Beautiful… I stopped and marveled… It was another place I never imagined I’d be… Yet here I was sent. Thank you Lord!!!!


hike3.JPG hike2.JPG hike1.JPG