Do you Swim???

That question was a flash back to 2005 and the trip to the island in Fiji, my initial reaction then was “What am I swimming from??” But as I quickly learned, it was due to the boat ride being in the middle of the Ocean for almost 3 hours that required some sort of floating-swimming ability as there were no life jackets in the boat…… But remember the Life Preserver is always with me…

So, here I was in a boat and the question was asked again…. Do you Swim???

It was discovered that there were not as many life jackets as people, and as the jackets were being handed out, P. Paul asked me if I swam. “Yes” was the answer… his next question was “would you mind if your jacket went to one of the people in the boat who does not swim?” My response, “that would be fine.” He explained to me that swimming was not something that most Ugandans know how to do. Even those who lived by the water usually do not know how to swim.

Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to learn how to swim. Little things, that prepare us for things to come.