A quick return.. Going back to Uganda

There were so many opportunities for ministry that we were not able to do. Time simply was not available. So we returned… I had a feeling that my complete purpose was not accomplished while we were there. That I would be going back soon.

A week after we were back, PK called and asked if I had some time for a quick meeting. The meeting was to ask me if I could go back to Uganda in three weeks. The answer was yes… So here we are. I’m departing to go back to Uganda once again.

Please pray for our team (small team of 5 joining up with others there)
1. For the plan and purpose of the trip to be accomplished.. by the team and individuals on the team
2. For the Holy Spirit to operate freely through us (no hindrances)
3. For the gifts in all the individuals to be pulled upon at a new level.
4. For the places we are to go and stay… for those places have been prepared and all we need to do is step into them
5. For the protection of the team, spirit, soul and body.
6. For safe food, transportation, ministry and conversation
7. For all the connections for the team as we travel to be without hindrance and delay
8. For the people to experience the Love of God in a way that further strengthens their grip on the Lord and allows them to come to know more intimately the depth of Love God has for them.

What the Lord has been putting in my heart lately has to do with Purpose.. A question has been presented to me on many fronts:
What is more important the Vessel or the Purpose of the Vessel…. All of us are vessels… so the question has been, what is more important ME or the Purpose for ME?

I’ve made it my goal to understand the purpose for my life…

My prayers are for the God whose hand holds you to show you more of His character so you will come to know Him more intimately and understand the depth of His love for you. And once understood, to dispense that Love to a lost and dying world through accomplishing Everything He has planned for you.

May my words spark you to identify your gifts and callings so you can walk out the plan that God has for your life. All to the Praise and Glory of God’s name.

With Love in Christ, Who is the true Giver of Life..