The Source of the Nile

We took a boat ride on Lake Victoria to see the source of the Nile. … Lake Victoria feeds the Nile and the “bubbling” headwaters that come from Uganda – Remember Ssezebwa Falls??? That is where we hiked and the alters for unholy sacrifices were there. We it is those waters that bubble up in lake Victoria.

This year the team went back to pray at Ssezebwa Falls. PS and I stayed back due to space in the van being limited and the need to pull together the gift bags for house to house visitations.

While there, the team encountered the witch doctors who just happened to be doing their goat and chicken sacrifices at the top of the falls. The team prayed and interrupted the whole event. PK said the witch doctors got frustrated as they prayed in the Name of Jesus and in tongues. Light always triumphs over darkness.