A visit to the Chinese Jews

Yes, it seems a little out of place, but there is a remnant. What an honor to be sent for a visit and tour of their museum. They shared all about their heritage and explained that the original temple was on teaching torah lane. We had a special dinner with the families who were Jewish. Most of them were Messianic Jews. They explained how when the tribes were scattered, a remnant came to China. The Emperor at the time welcomed them and blessed them. Some were given land and a royal last name. Even the Chinese Constitution recognizes a special place for the Jews. I was blessed as I befriended one of the young girls, Soph. She was Messianic, her parents were too, but her grandmother was not. Soph asked me if I would share Jesus with her grandmother so she too, could receive Jesus as Messiah. At our visit of her grandmother’s house, the Lord opened up an opportunity for me to share and her grandmother prayed. It was such an honor to do so. I was taught some more Chinese on this trip, wu hen goshin (spelling?? ) which means I am happy. Upon the completion of our prayer, Soph’s grandmother was saying wu hen goshin, wu hen goshin. Soph turned to me with tears in her eyes and said, you know what that means. Indeed I do, it means that her heart was filled with love, peace and joy. Making her very happy indeed!

Soph’s Grandmother saying Good Bye

so grandmother.jpg