A thank you to those who’ve gone before me.

Take the Gospel to the People: The message bible states it well in Romans 12: Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going to work, and walking around life and place it before God as an offering.
Many would wonder how is going to the market to shop can be a part of ministry. We are lights in a dark world and in the markets the people see a difference. We need to share that light. As I’ve traveled, all over, people make comments: You are so happy, you are so nice, and you shine! Not to mention, in markets, it is easy to converse with the people ~ most of them speak English.

People want to know about you and really appreciate it when you take a moment to talk to them about their lives and cultures as well as sell/buy their wares. Questions are asked of various topics. At some point, there is an opportunity to share the gospel. When I start to share, many of the people in the markets tell me that they have heard about Jesus and want to know more. It is reaping a harvest of what has been sown before. I’m always thankful for the people who have gone before me. We’l rejoice in heaven one day for being co-Laborers for the gospel without even knowing each other here!

At the “good deals spot” Anointed Scarves

marketgirls.jpg scarves filled.jpg