A Year of New Adventures…..

Greetings Faith Friends, 2007 was a wonderful year of going ye for the Lord. Now we are entering into the year of 2008. The number 8 in biblical numerology means new beginnings, so this is the year of NEW BEGINNINGS! All things pass away and all things become new!!!

As I’ve taken a look back at the past few years, I see preparation taking place in areas of my life that allowed me to step out in faith more and more each time I went out. On each mission trip, a deposit has been made. Sometimes, I was aware of a deposit taking place, but not fully aware of exactly what the deposit was for. God’s timing is always the key. For at the right time, what was deposited is revealed. I’ve sat in awe these past 6 weeks watching the Lord reveal things that He deposited into my heart over the past 4 years. They were set aside for this time.

One of these deposits the Lord has put in my heart is a love for the people of Fiji. For the past 4 years, I’ve had assignments in Fiji to complete. On each trip the love for the people has deepened. I have been overwhelmed with what the Lord has already done. Is has been a gracious privilege to teach the children at the Methodist Mission School and work along side of the family from the Church in Fiji in villages sharing the good news of the gospel.

My next assignment is to return to Fiji, only this time for 4 months. I am excited for the adventure, as the Lord is building on the foundation he has previous laid. A vision has been given to the Pastor of the Church to reach the Indian people (mostly Hindu & Muslim). Part of the outreach is Youth Crusades. An invitation has been extended for me to be a part of reaching out to the Indian youth. In addition, I will train and teach the church members and then go to the villages to share the gospel house to house. All of this has been confirmed in my heart as He revealed the preparation He had done.

I have stood in amazement as He’s revealed the steps to me ~ starting in 2006 with opening the door to teach in the mission school. Teaching the children pulled on different gifts the Lord has placed inside of me. The relationships with the church, headmasters, teachers and children were set. These relationships have been built upon by my going back to continue to do village ministry and teach again in Sept. 2007.

In spring 2007, I was directed to go on a mission trip to India. Honestly, I dragged my feet not really wanting to go. But thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit, who will not allow us to miss it. What I took away from India was a deeper understanding of the culture/background of the people. I was given the privilege to hear former high hindu priests share about their finding of the truth and how it set them free. The feeding of the 15,000 “outcasts” gave me the opportunity to reach out and touch the hearts of those who were totally oppressed. Ministering to the children there further dropped the love in my heart for the people. Upon my return to Fiji in Sept. 2007, I saw the importance of the trip to India. It allowed me to minister from a different place with much more illumination on how to reach the Indian people.

On my return trip to China in November 2007, I found myself ministering to youth in the underground church. Interesting thing, the Lord was once again pulling on a different gift. Messages to the youth were being given to me each time I stepped into a room. It was an amazing thing to me. I had never ministered to the youth that way before….

2007 ended with the mission to Africa right before Christmas, which was yet another trip of ministering to the Children and the Youth. Each day we would go to a church and the children were the first to arrive. It was assigned to me to lead the ministry. I laughed as I realized that the Lord was preparing me for this next assignment. Again, it was a pulling out something he deposited earlier so I could be prepared for what is next.

Where I stand now is excited! I will be returning to a place that I call my second home. Upon my arrival I will first need to find a home or apartment to rent for the four months I am in Fiji. After I get settled, I will be start working with the church on preparing for the crusades and laying out a plan for teaching and training for the village ministry. Of course, there will be time back at the Mission School for teaching. I appreciate all your prayers that will be my supply while I’m in Fiji. It is those prayers that help me minister effectively as you pull down strong holds, break chains and win battles to reach the lost. Thank you in advance for your covering.