I arrived Home???

I arrived back to steamy (I mean really steamy) weather. I know, I it’s -30 to -40 degrees in MN so no complaints here. Raju, a taxi driver that Tammara, Carolyn and I used in Sept, met me at the airport. It’s nice to see a friendly smiling face. He’s a really nice young man. He unfolded his story as he drove to Sigatoka

Since I know that He goes to prepare a place for me, there is the assigned and appointed place here for me. There is a family who has an apartment that they are in the process of finishing up. The Husband mentioned that they could finish off a room for me and it is in a good location, very secure area. It is idea, as I would not have to buy any furniture ~he said they could furnish it for me (bed, frig, and stove). He’ll see how long it will be to finish off the place.