Am I in the Sahara????

After a full day of ministring, Jordan says let’s go to the Tambua Sand Dunes which is right next to the village.
I agree and as we approach the dunes, my eyes grow big!!

OH MY Gosh! I’m thinking at the end of a hot day, I’m in a skirt and I’m going to “hike” the dunes… Up is a steep climb and a total workout. It is a site to behold. I feel like I’m in the Sahara desert! No kidding! This was rolling sand. I’ve never seen something like it before. On the other side of the dunes is the ocean. Rina and I sit and talk about various things. We watch the waves roll in. It is a really rough sea so the waves are big. Then on top of it, I say, when the name of Jesus is mentioned, they roll even more! HUGE waves. Praise the Lord. We sit for awhile talking about Jesus and watching the Ocean roar. It is a gift from the Lord to see this beautiful sight. I’m bummed that I did not bring my camera. Jordan says I’ll just have to come back. I think so….

Going down is another unique experience as you “ski” down the steep part of the dunes. Fun…. still I’m in a skirt…..