Village Ministry Day Two

I can’t help but think of the old time missionaries as we make this journey. Jordan, takes off his shoes as we walk. The souls of his feet are “tough” and can handle the rocky road. My feet, as he says, are just a bit too tender. Ah, yes, indeed they are. We walk down the stony roads, if that’s what you call them, through streams, some up to my knees. We forego the ones that were waist deep~ for now Jordan says as he smiles. This really seems more like a “novel” that I’m reading from the past, than something I’m actually doing.

Praise the Lord. It is a beautiful trek to his grandmother’s house. Jordan shares with me that for most of his life, this is he path he walked to get to the main road to catch the bus to school. Everyday ~ this was the walk. A 4×4 might be able to make it all the way back here. But definitely no cars. His grandmother is not at home, but his aunt is in. I think about his grandmother making the trek into “town”. Wow. After a visit with his aunt we pray with her and head out to minister to the surrounding area.