An Excellent Spirit begins with taking God at His word!

My time with Class 7r/j has been precious. The Lord is having me teach them all about the “little” guys in the bible that the Lord used. We started with David.. who was just a jumpy, overly wild, enthustaic little boy for the Lord when the Prophet Samuel came to find him and anoint him to be a future king over Israel. How his brothers were so “big, strong and handsome” but the Lord looked upon the heart and not on the outward appearance of a man…… So God had chosen a wild youth….

We talked about the story of David and Goliath…. how everyone thought David was “just a kid” and couldn’t overthrow this giant. Even Goliath himself laughed right before the stone hit him in the head. See he took God at his word and believed that God would deliver them……

David was able to do great and mighty things…. no by his power not by his might, but By the Spirit of the Lord.
David… had an excellent Spirit… it Helped him Stand and Fight!!

This began a wonderful new Song that the Holy Spirit was giving me to have the Children sing… I’ll post the song later as the Lord is revealing the lines through the devotions He is having me teach.