Doors that only the Lord can open

There was a request made for me to come and teach at one of the Indian (Hindu) schools in the interior. The topic they wanted covered: WHY EASTER? A door that truly only the Lord can open….

I ventured up with Namala, Jordan’s mother, and met a few of the Indian brothers and sisters as they accompanied me to the school. This is a school where they don’t have very many visitors at all, so to have a guest is a treat, even more is the treat when this speaker is from “The United States of America.” The program was singing and sharing what the importance of Easter is, a reminder of God’s Holy Sacrifice for our Sins, Who He raised from the dead, so we celebrate our ability to have Eternal Life through the remissions of sins only by Jesus!!! When the alter call went out, over 100+ heads were bowed and lips were moving to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. It was so precious!

Since this was a Hindu school, I was not sure what the headmaster would say after our program. Well, he came to me and invited me back “anytime I want”. Truly, that is a door that only the Lord can open. Thank you Lord for the keys!

Side note: two weeks after Easter, the Headmaster was at a conference in Sigatoka and stopped by the Mission School. He asked me if I could PLEASE come back at least one more time before I depart Fiji. I told him I’d do my best. Please pray with me on this. Transportation is LIMITED… Roads are as they say Bhut Karab Restabi (VERY BAD ROAD), no buses run and the transports are limited. You “hitch” or “hire”… please pray for the right transportation up and back.

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Nambitu Indian School Teachers at Nambitu