And Suddenly…..

The Lord has been speaking to me about being ready and available…

What next is a suddenly… I have been invited to minister in Indonesia on the island of Sulawesi, a place called Manado.
I had knew in my heart from last falls trips to SE Asia that I would be going back to minister to the region. I just did not know when or where. I kept it up in prayer and started making preparations for things to come.
In February I met a Pastor who was visiting from Malaysia. As we had fellowship he started speaking directly to my heart. I like to call it “Reading my mail.” He was speaking to me of things that the Lord had told me were to come. I was excited but did not say anything. He did ask if I would ever be interested in ministering there. I indicated that yes, at the right time, I’d go.

Two weeks later I received an invitation to go and minister at a revival service. I put it up in prayer asking the Lord for three confirmation. I received all three within 12 hours. One was very specific and was answered in a big way.
Now I thought I had a few weeks to make arrangements, but no, I needed to depart in 7 days. 1 week…. No problem if it is the Lord. The week went by so quickly and now I’m departing to the airport in a few minutes.
Your prayers have sustained me through all I’m called to do. You all play a vital role… so I need your support again….

I ask you to pray in agreement the following and please lift me up as the spirit reminds you of me.

I am preaching the Night Revival services on the 14th, 15th, 16, & 17th. The service goes through the 19th. After that, ministry opportunities will vary from being able to do orphanages and schools. All as the Spirit directs.
Please pray to have emptied out of me what needs to be given and receive all that the Lord has for me during this time. In addition:

1. Protection as we travel.. no harm or incident – I fly from LA to Seoul to Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta – Sulawesi
2. All luggage to arrive at the end destination My backpack is packed and will be checked. I’m bringing items for the pastor over.
3. Health of me… I’ve noticed an increase in “hits” but I push them back…
4. For sanctified food and water…
5. For the Assignments, for me to hear with my ears, receive in my heart, and embrace all that the Lord is directing me to do. I know that there is a message He wants to draw out.
6. For the Holy Spirit to have absolutely free reign and for me not to lean on any part of my own understanding
7. For my eyes to be open to see the people as the Lord sees them
8. For me to be changed from glory to glory as I experience more of the Love of God.
9. Whatever else is put on your hearts.