The Eternal LifeGuard

We had time before our departure to the airport. So we decided to enjoy the nice warm tropical air (humid humid humid). We knew that it was cold cold cold in MN and wanted to soak it all in. We took our waters and sat on a lounge chair and looked at the stars.

One of the lifeguards came up and greeted me. I greeted him back.
In our exchange, I asked him if he knew the Eternal Lifeguard… He asked me to explain more. I told him about the One who guarded our eternal lives by dying for each one of us and our sins and then was resurrected. That Jesus was the one True Lifeguard if he would only receive. He gladly received and now knows that there is someone “watching over him.” Thank you Holy Spirit for showing us the doorways to share the wonderful gift of the Eternal Life Guard… Jesus Christ!!!