Answered Prayers continued…..

7. For the complete operation of the Gifts of the Spirit to Operate on a higher level… notable miracles….
I shared in the earlier post how we were invited to a water baptisim of 94 buddhist converts.. How Jesus appeared. Well I don’t think it gets any more notible than that.. Thank you Lord for being Who you are and loving us the way you do..

8. For us to be completely yielded to the Holy Spirit…
This one was important for as we taught. Messages were flowing from the throne room of heaven and it was beautiful. Different Bodies, uniquely delivered messages all woven together by the Holy Spirit of God.

9. For each member to be adapted quickly..
This happened… even though the Lord had some of us up at odd hours praying… That was ok, as we made it through all teaching and stayed awake…

10. For Protection, Psalms 91…
We went out and returned with out harm or incident. Thank you Lord!

11. For Safe drinking water and food
This was the first time I had included this specific item in a prayer request. We pray over our food and water, so we have the expectation that we are covered…. OK, I know that with out your prayers, this would have been even worse. Two of us got food posioning.. This has never happened on any trip I have been on. Myself, I was down for just a bit, but for another team member, it was a HUGE battle. We are thankful that we have the victory in Christ Jesus.