Request 12. For the Joy of the Lord to Spill out onto others

12. For the Joy of the Lord to spill out to others
Ok, and just maybe I thought we’d be the carrier of that joy.. Well, I learned a thing or two. We changed our departing flight and tacked on an extra day. The reason? The church was celebration it’s 21st Birthday. Pastor M asked us if we would stay and praise and worship with them. We said, “Of Course!” Pastor M rented out the biggest ballroom in the nicest hotel in downtown Rangoon for the Celebration. I was told in USD it is $400-600 per night. So, renting out the ballroom must be….????

Anyway, there were over 1500+ people at the celebration! And THEIR JOY spilled all over on to others… the workers of the hotel were looking in doors, stopping by and very curious to why such happy singing and rejoicing. And not to mention our entire team. It was hard to believe that this is in a nation that is persecutiing Christians. But that does not let Pastor M stop from preaching the gospel. Here is the celebration in photos…
Photo 1: Standing room only ballroom, photo 2: Bible School Students performing, Photo 3: Children from the Orphanage Performing, Photo 4: All Hail the King!

cele1.JPG cele2.JPG cele4.JPG cele3.JPG

And because the staff of the hotel was watching, there was a salvation message told with by drama. It was so powerful… as they “whipped” and “beat” our Lord, it was so real, they portrayed the event in a very realistic manner. Made one cry.