Are you Ready????

On my prayer request, I talked about what the Lord had shared with me about Preparation… All things that we do are in preparation for what the Lord has in store for us tomorrow.

I just love the way the Lord will confirm the message He speaks to us… no matter where we are in the world!!!

We visited an orphanage on the western side of Chaing Mai . It is a place where some of the Karen orphans are being taken in and taught the Word of God. Jenny had shared with us that the orphanage had many needs. We visited the place and talked with the directors. They were keeping up feeding the kids as best as possible. But many times they were out of food. It was impressed on us to buy food for today, but the amazing thing was what God was going to do about food for tomorrow.

We had brought seeds of commercial “growing” quality over with us. It was on our hearts to go back and bring the seeds to the orphanage to plant. We decided to go back the morning that we were making the drive to the Burma border and we did not tell them we were coming. When we showed up they were surprised, but not.

The Pastor’s wife shared why: That morning in their prayer time, they were impressed to “GO AND PREPARE THE FIELDS FOR PLANTING”, they were counfounded and asked, “what shall we plant?” “GO AND PREPARE THE FIELDS FOR PLANTING”, was the message they received again, “But we don’t have any seed” and once again it was “GO AND PREPARE THE FIELDS FOR PLANTING”. So they obeyed without even knowing what they were to plant.

All of the children joined them and as they prepared (manually) the fields, the Lord told them to expand their border. Seemed like a silly thing to do when you don’t even have seed, but they did what the Lord had instructed, prepared the ground for the seed. Then we showed up… and THE FIELDS WERE PREPARED. It blessed my heart to see them so excited and ready for what the Lord had provided. All carried from the USA. God is good.

ARE YOU READY for what the Lord would have you do???