Arrival in Chiang Mai….. the beginning of the adventure

WOW… that is how i describe the past 48+ hours… we arrived in Bangkok and were taken to the train station. Come to find out that the train station was closed. We unloaded our baggage with a concerned driver. He as concerned that with the station closed our safety might be compromised. Thank you Lord for being our Forward, side, above and beneath guard.
We enjoyed sitting on our suitcases and talking about the entertainment… rats and cockroaches being nighttime hunters as they searched around to find food. Just how tired were we??? It was amusing….

Our train journey proved to be one HUGE adventure… Check out attached photos. Thank you all for praying as the effects of the massive rains from Cyclones has proved to be a challenge. Getting in has been part of the fun…
getting out will be interesting to say the least. Need rest as the 48+ hours of jarring travel to get here was looooooooooooooong and has taken much out of all of us.

Thank you and treasure you much!

ps to those of you who received my prayer request… many did not as I signed on and saw all the failures, I’m sorry. Prayer for this trip has already proved to be a even more Vital necessity so keep it up.. we’re planning on going into some wonderful new areas crossing borders that have not been crossed before.