Being in an appointed place (don’t question it)

The hotel that I have been staying at is a blessing. I was asking the Lord if I needed to move out of this location into something that would be more “economical”. Not that I had anything impressed upon my heart or that that this is a 5 star resort, but being here being alone increases the costs. I was using my thinking on wanting to be a good steward, so I put it up in prayer.

The next night the answer came. I had a call to go and meet my transportation driver, Bola. A porter, Henry, walked me over to the transportation station to wait for Bola’s return. Henry is a Spirit filled believer and we were having a conversation about setting up sometime for me to minister at a service for his church. Another Spirit filled believer, Renpeni, joined our conversation. 3 young men (Jorge, Timmi and Elijah), who work in activities approached the station. Timmi was limping and wincing. I asked what happened. He explained that he had just broken his ankle. He sat down. I asked if I could pray for his ankle and he said yes. I first asked if Timmi knew Jesus as a healer. He said he believed Jesus could heal him. I then asked about eternal life. All three of them said they did not know if they would go to heaven. They prayed to receive Jesus as Lord and be filled with the Spirit. I then prayed for Timmi’s ankle to be healed in the name of Jesus. Timmi stood up and started hopping on his foot. Thank you Lord Jesus our Healer. Father, You demonstrated your goodness in the Land of the Living.

Later in prayer I was reminded that if I would have moved to what I thought was a better (more economical) place, the encounter would not have happened. DO NOT QUESTION the place Lord has put me. I am right where He wants me to be. Being a good steward is working with what He’s given (again abounding and abasing). Just continue to seek and obey what He’s directing me to do. He’ll cover the additional costs.