A Church Service

Silla invited me to visit her family and be apart of their service/devotional time at their house. I was unsure of how many people would be there as she was off of work late. It ended up being her Husband, 2 children, herself and me. Numbers don’t matter when there is a hungry heart. We sang a praise song then they asked that I shared the Word with them. I shared what I had been studying all afternoon. Deut. 6-8. About families and making sure we train up our children. To recall all that the Lord has done for us. To enter in and take our inheritance that Jesus has provided. Spirit led prayed followed. Tea and cookies followed with fellowship.

It was something that I don’t necessarily have an opportunity to do since I don’t have a “family” in my house. My devotional time is different. So, it was special to be a part of this time with a family that has a heart of worship.