Can a shark touch your nose?

I’ve been able to develop some good relationships with most of the staff here. They are so open and have been readily receiving Jesus as Lord. Many come to me and request prayer or further guidance in the Word of God for life challenges. They also are opening up their homes to me. Many have invited me to visit and for a meal. They are looking for a way to bless me back and it is quite touching.

Luke, a snorkeling guide, is also responsible for managing the coral reef restoration garden. He asked me if I wanted to go and check the coral with him. I first thought he was referring to the reef walk that they have but it was not low tide. Oh no, he was talking about snorkeling ~ Yippee. I went and got my gear but still did not realize that it was by the outer part of the reef. The garden is in a channel further out and is marked off limits. As we were walking, I realized where we were going. He said that since he manages the garden, he could bring me. It is not for guests to snorkel as they need to keep it undisturbed and there is a current which weak swimmers can not handle.

We went out and it was way different from what I saw earlier. It was more of the most marvelous colors I’ve seen in my life. He pointed out many sea creatures ~ Fish in brilliant neon colors, little creatures that looked like rocks until they moved and swam away and Nemo’s house (he wasn’t home). The coral gardens are racks where coral is grown to eventually be transplanted to other parts of the reef. Luke would “weed” the garden like a flower bed and make sure everything was in the proper place. Along the way to each of the racks, we would stop and he’d explain things to me. It was a wonderful adventure. As we went out further, I could feel the water temperature changing as it was getting deeper. He told me to remain on the “shallow”side of the reef as he checked the outer gardens. He said, “take a look at the big fish.” WOW. I’ve been to aquariums and thought they had some big fish (all contained of course), so this was an experience. It was really spectacular.

While checking one of the gardens, Luke was turning and looking over his left shoulder. He did this a few times and I thought what is he looking at? I shifted to see around him and there it was, a reef shark (qio) that could touch my nose if it wanted to. Luke explained to me before hand that they may come up and brush you saying “bula” (hello), but not anything more. I still figured it was best to keep Luke between the shark and me. The amazing thing is that he told me he could hear the shark coming. His ears are trained to hear the shark. My ears were not. It is like our walk with the Lord. Our ears need to be trained to hear the still small voice. And then respond to what we hear. Thank you Lord, for Your favor with man to have an underwater adventure to see your handiwork beneath the sea.