What would Jesus think? Really, how would He feel?

Today I went into the market. As I walked through, there were many people stopping me to talk. A number of the people told me that they were Christians and Spirit filled. Glory to God! After we’d talk about the goodness of God, they would ask me if I would look at their wares. Pulling back a cloth (to protect from dust), an array of merchandise would be displayed. Crosses, shell bracelets, necklaces, coconut carvings and Buddha’s ~ yes Buddha!! I was shocked. I would ask a few questions about who owned the shop and each time it was the person I talked to who professed Jesus as Lord and Savior. My heart was grieved by the idolatry. Nicely, I would asked “why do you have idols in your house?” The answer was usually because others believed in those gods and they would buy the idols. I’d ask if they believed in those other gods? “No, Jesus, but others believe in them.”

“What do you think Jesus would do if he walked up right now? How would he feel?” They paused and thought about it.

I explained how the selling of the idols of the other gods was an indication that they did believe that those gods were real because they acknowledged that they were real to others. When asked what to do, I said that they should remove them. That if they cleaned up their houses, God would bless them for it. I shared that they may have not known that they had an idol in their house, but now they do and from that point on, it was important to keep their houses clean.