Can you tell me what this is?? A conversation Piece…

Striking up a conversation with unknown others can be, well, intimidating… unless you have the Holy Spirit..
Our prayer walks throughout Dublin were ones of daily thanks and praise for the Holy Spirit giving us entrance to be able to talk with others… Conversation Pieces – yeah, that is a good word…

One such Conversation Piece centered around a true “Piece” that when we saw it, made us say “What is this?”
The responses were as follows:
At the tourism office – right across the street… “a big hunk of metal that cost millions of euros.” “No known reason for it, just a waste of money.”
Unnamed Folks on the street, “A waste of money for a tall piece of metal.” “really don’t know what it is for”
Other tourists, “Not sure, looks like a tall needle.”
Group of Girls, “Giggle, Giggle, Giggle… It’s the spire.. but we don’t know what it is for??”

Declan & Leonda, Local Dubliners -“Well, we really don’t quite know…”
Declan, ” A huge waste of money.”
Leonda, “Yeah, we’re not quite sure what it is for, but it had something to do with spending 7 million euros”
Declan, “And the lights don’t work… and then it was not suppose to rust, but they had a problem with rust already.”
Leonda, “They call it the spire.”
PK, “We call it the place where we met you.”
Ministry on why we are there…
Leonda, “I’ve been praying for Declan to know Jesus.”
Me.. “We’re the answer to that prayer.”
Declan – receives Jesus
We received great friends… We spent another evening with the two of them, having dinner and prayer walking another section of Dublin…

Here it is, in it’s full glory…
As we discoverd, there was not a real fondness or “sense of pride” for the “Spire of Dublin”