Our Assignment – A Prayer Walk

We knew that we would be doing a bit of walking (hiking) and praying. I just never realized just how much ground we would cover. At the guest house we were staying, I picked up a map of the City. After I returned, I was matching photos up with areas. What I quickly discovered is that we walked almost the entire colored part of the map covered the entire city N to S and E to W. Selah!

Quite charming and photos below show some of the sites. I’ll see if I can update the map and note the sites. X by the number 10 in the red circle is where we stayed.

Thank you Lord for a great trip where I was a tourist on assignment….

The Harp is really big in Ireland and thus a bridge was made to look like a harp. Facinating. It swings to allow river traffic through.

Remember, Man’s delays (diversions) are God’s Relays