Come and walk on the beach with me

I had wanted to walk on the beach but it started to down pour rain. Since it is not suppose to rain in Fiji, I did not bring a rain jacket. I stood looking out at the rain and thought maybe I should stay in and read. Ever so softly the words “Come and walk on the beach with me,” were spoken to my heart. So I headed out for a time of sweet fellowship, a walk on the beach with my Lord. I started heading west on the beach and my heart had an ache inside going the wrong way is what was impressed and I turned around and headed east.

I walked until I came to a village further down on the beach. 2 young boys, Rotuma and Pitar, were playing on the beach and I heard the familiar greeting ~ Bula! I stopped to talk with the boys. Romi their father came out. As I shared about Jesus, another son, Komel, came along with 2 more friends. When I lead the prayer of salvation and to be filled, all but Pitar prayed. He appeared old enough to understand, but he wasn’t praying. Gently the Holy Spirit of the Lord whispered to my heart “His ears ~ K ~ it’s his ears ~ I want to open them.” I ask Romi if I could pray for Pitar to be healed and he said yes. Pitar came to me without hesitation. I prayed. As I whispered softly into his ears: Jesus my Savior and Pitar started to repeat my words ~ at first it was quietly, then it became louder and louder. Jesus be my Savior. It was so sweet as His face was lit up with the glory of the Lord. Romi thanked me for coming.

As I started to walk back, it started to rain even harder. When I arrived back to where the hotel property starts, a Security guard on the boardwalk, Bare, greeted me, he had been watching me from a distance. As I stood in the rain, I shared the Love of God with him and he prayed to receive Jesus. Bare stood under an umbrella staying dry and I stood happily on the beach with the rain pouring down drenching me. I thank the Lord for asking me to walk on the beach rain and all.