Healing the Brokenhearted

Una, a young girl needed the healer of the broken hearted. As she unfolded her story, she shared with me that her mother had abandoned her. She asked me if there was a way to help her “move on” and get beyond the hurt in her heart. She repeated some of the words that her mother had said. We talked about empty places, hurt and anger in her heart. To move on begins with her accepting the healer of the broken hearted and then forgiving her mother. Jesus could help her get past all the anger and hurt. She had tears in her eyes as we talked about her having to forgive her mom. As we prayed, she paused and really thought about the words we were praying for her mother. Afterward, we talked further on what her heavenly Father would do for her. She has a bible, so I encouraged her to read her bible and know that it was written just for her. As we were finishing our conversation, Una shared with me that ever since her mom left, she kept everything inside. She had a hard time opening up to anyone else. She knew that this was appointed and really special. I told her that she opened up her heart to the one who could truly heal her heart. It was really precious to me that the Lord chose me to minister to this young girl.