Daddy I want a car…..

A pastor and I were talking about his need for transportation so that the family can all go to cell groups and service together as a family. We prayed for the Lord to meet the need. I shared that he needed to take a step in faith. He determined that the step in faith is to obtain a driving license. Don’t need a car if you can not drive it.
We can learn much from how children relate to their parents. The Pastor’s Son asked for a car. After a bit, he asked again. This pattern repeated as we walked downtown shopping. Finally, the son wore the father down, and the father gave in and bought a car. We were talking and I told him that his asking was like how we approached the Father. We asked. Just like his son, his son asked and asked again and again. But we should teach him to ask once, then continue to thank you for the car. What tremendous results would be produced through training his son with biblical principles as his son grew.