The Lord showed me in a dream you were still here!!!

When I was departing Suva to come to this side, the church family thought I was going back to the USA. The Lord had told me to hideaway with Him. By stripping all of the familiar things, He’s been able to lead and guide me by me pressing into Him. There is still much more pressing to do, but I’ve had a wonderful time with Him!

I was released to make a phone call to Jeremiah and Sofie, the Suva family. They had wanted me to come and stay for a few days earlier, but the timing was off. We now made arrangements for me to stay with them. I was really looking forward to seeing them again. Before we had left, Sofie had been praying and the Lord told her that I was staying. When the team was leaving, Sofie’s face showed confusion. “Why is she on the bus? The Lord said she’s staying.” She had it right, I stayed, just not where they thought at the time. When I arrived she was so happy to see me. She shared with me that the night of the teams departure, the Lord showed her in a dream that I was still here. She was hearing right on, even though it did not look like it in the natural. I was just in a different place, soon to be brought over to them at the Lord’s timing.

I did cell groups with the Church and had a wonderful time. There were a few surprised looks as only the Sr. Pastors knew I was coming back. We talked about the plan and purpose of God. I knew now that the purpose for me staying was not all over there. I had appointments in Sigatoga that I needed to fulfill.

My time with mata vuvale (my family) in Suva was special. The kids further taught me how to speak Fijian. It has been said that if you stay in a place for 8 weeks and don’t speak your native tongue, you’ll speak the language fluently. We’ll I’m blessed, as most of the people here speak English, so I’ve not had to be stretched way way beyond myself.

Although I’ve got a few really good conversation starters and can understand a bit more of what they are saying!!!!