Going to Camp

It was arranged that the church in Sigatoga was having a camp for a weekend and invited me to participate. I accepted the invitation as it was for fasting, prayer and evangelism.
Friday night, after prayer, we set up a room slept on the floor of the church building.
Somewhere in the middle of the night (approx 4:00am) I was bitten by mosquitoes on my face, 5 of them to be exact. I was awaken up with “itching”face. I could feel the swelling start so I started to pray in tongues. One bit was by my lip the others by my right eye. Talk about facial distortion. Yikes! I looked quite funny. Saturday morning we spent in 5 hours of prayer before we went out to evangelize. My face was still swelling. It was the enemy who tried to tell me that I looked funny. The Holy Spirit told me that the Glory of God would cover it all. Downtown was quite busy and we prayed with a number of people to receive Jesus.
Swelling all gone!!!