Day 3 Revival unto Holiness – still more people are coming

Feeding the multitudes again. WOW! The number of people in attending has grown even more. There are at least 4000+ people here today. Pastor John and I talk about how special this is ~ to serve the people food for their bodies and also spirit. It is truly an honor!!! As we were waiting to serve, I felt someone was touching the hem of my skirt. As I turned and looked, here was an older woman whose eyes met mine. She lowered her glance as I realized she was wanting prayer ~ for what, I don’t know, the Lord does and I believe he met her needs right there as she reached out in faith.

Off we go to serve the food. Lunch menu today was similar: Rice, Chicken Curry, and Samba all on a banana leaf. Here we go ~ I’m getting quicker, but the more seasoned workers (Indian) are still way faster than I am. I’ll get there!