The Crowd is growing……

The crowd is growing and at least 3000 people are here for the last service Monday night.
Martha shares about meditation of your heart. It is a wonderful message. Two Indian pastors follow, each with a message. At the end of the service, we are asked to pray for the people. The team (all 8 of us) lined up in front of the stage. The Indian Pastors create a “human chain” to separate us from the people. At least they tried. Crowd control was an issue as the people came forward. The pastors did their best to just let a few through at a time so we were not completely mobbed. WOW! The multitudes were now coming to have prayer from us. I don’t know how many people we actually prayed for, but I know I had not laid hands on that many people in my life. The Spirit of the Lord filled the children with joy as laughter poured forth. A young girl who suffered from polio had an arm straighten out as we prayed. Glory to God the people were being touched by the Lord!!!
We did this to end all the night services and it was to say the least ~ wow. I had not layed hands and prayed for so many people like this before. It shows the importance of all of us doing what we are called to do ~ One can not do it alone.