Festival of True Light

Pastor Akei had asked me if at all possible, could I please find some time to minister today ~ he had some people that he really wanted me to meet. I had planned for packing my suitcases and preparing to leave. I prayed and was impressed to go and minister with Pastor Akei in the morning.

The families I was brought to were families that Pastor Akei and his wife, Vasiti, had been ministering too. One was an Indian family was preparing for Diwali, which is the Hindu holiday known as the festival of lights. The Lord had opened up an opportunity for His Truth to go forth and speak directly to the hearts of the family members. They prayed to receive Jesus. The eldest daughter was there and she was excited to see me. She was in Class 7 from the Methodist school. She was so happy that her family was now going to join her in heaven! Glory To God ~ The True Festival of Light was being celebrated!!!!