Words to describe….

I returned home on the 21st of October. This is after 7 weeks of AWESOME ministry in a place where the Lord placed me and I only shared a small glimpse of what He has done. I will be going back ~ The Lord has started something and will finish it in and through me. He has deposited a deeper love in my heart for the people of Fiji. Thank you all for your prayers ~ they enabled all to stay connected to, hear clearly from and be focused on the Lord as He accomplished His will and purpose. Thank you for going on this mission with me (you were all there in spirit I know).

1539 made Jesus their Lord and Savior (this is in addition from the 2500+ who received the Lord through the team in Sept.)

There was an open heaven and many many muslims now confess Jesus the Son of God as their Lord and Savior. Many Hindu’s too now believe in the One True Living God, Who sent His One True Son and the Only Holy Acceptable Sacrifice, the Redeemer of our sins.

900+ were filled with the Holy Spirit

50+ were healed in the Name of Jesus as God touched their bodies

All praises, glory and honor to God our Father who spared nothing when He sent His Son Jesus for us!

There is a song that best describes what I am feeling. Below are the words…..

I’m overwhelmed by your love. Your amazing love to me. I’ll never understand why You’ve chosen to be my friend. I will not forget the price You paid of love on Calvary. Amazing Love, Amazing Garce, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and praise. I will rejoice, fall on my knees. Lift up my voice, a love song I will sing. A serenade of sweet worship to you my King.

This is just the beginning and I will continue to write as this life I now lead is totally for Him. I depart in a few short weeks to go back to China. The site will focus on preparation for that trip.

Also, I’m going to post instructions on how to leave comments and send e-mails to me from the site in the pages section in the near future. God Bless you all! K