Give the teacher some homework

Daniel and I had talked about devotions and the importance of them. He shared morning devotions with his class from a book that was provided by the school. I shared that he can ask the Lord to help him with a devotion and one would come from his heart.

So, I gave the teacher homework… Ask the Lord to illuminate to you a part of the word. Below is the first devotion he gave me. I believe that his words will touch your heart as they did mine. He’s writing about you and me…

Daniel’s devotion: An Unbroken chain.

Whenever I meet a Christian for the first time, I’m interested in learning how he came to trust Jesus as his Savior. Each person has a different story to tell, but they all testify that they learned the truth because of the efforts of others ~ their parents, pastors, Sunday school teachers, bible club leaders, friends, writers. Someone has rightly observed that the Body of Christ grows through an unbroken chain of teachers.

In today’s scripture we learn that Timothy became a believer through the influence of his grandmother Lois, his mother Eunice and the teaching of Paul. The Apostle told Timothy to become part of that faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

The Faithful Men Paul had in mind were probably church leaders, yet he was expressing a principle that applies to every believer. We had to receive the truth from someone; now it is our gracious privilege and solemn duty to transmit the truth to others.

We must keep the chain strong by telling others about Him so that the Gospel will reach to future generations.