Go Snorkeling Today!!! Yippee!!! Then Walk in the Garden

Go Snorkeling today.

I am cautious to make sure that the things I do are in line with God’s plan and purpose. Seeing what is under the sea is something that I enjoy doing and this mission is to one of the most beautiful places in the world for water activities. So when I heard those words in the morning I was excited. It was the first sunny day in 13 days & I could go out and enjoy it in the water. Luke and Able were in charge of the coordinating the water activities. Jorge was there and excited to see me. Luke and Able were curious to why Jorge was so excited. Jorge explained that I had prayed with him and that the Lord had answered his prayers. This opened the way to share the Gospel with Luke and Able. Both prayed to receive Jesus. Someone else was assigned to take us snorkeling, but Luke volunteered to take the group out. It was amazing to see all that was under the sea! Thank you Lord!

A walk in the garden

When I came back from snorkeling, I met Michael & Karishna the grounds keepers. The tropical flowers are all in bloom all around me. Michael, the head gardener, invited me to go for a walk through “his gardens.” It was beautiful. I never knew that there are were so many varieties of Palm trees ~ some are so amazing! As we walked, he explained all the different things used for medicinal purposes. Take 7 leaves, rub them together in your hands and then boil them in a pot of water, strain, then drink. It will cure(name it). I’m quite sure that many of the plant compounds can and do react with eachother to produce healing. The fact that it has to be an even number of leaves is the part that gets a little suspect. Different if it is the “quantity” not the even/odd number of leaves that determines the outcome.
Michael and I had a talk about eternal outcomes. He told me that he’s fasting as it is Ramadan and he was a Muslim. As we talked about eternal life, I asked “what would it take”to achieve eternal life. He told me good works and prayer. Mathematically shows a person just how inadequate our sacrifices would be. I shared that if you live 76 years and you do 10 good things a day that would only be 277,400 good things in your life. If you prayed 5 times a day (required by Muslims to do) it would only be 138,700 prayers. Would that be enough? He replied, “No, it wouldn’t and I would not be going to heaven.” We talked about how God loves us so much that in His mercy only He could make a way. Michael agreed. We then talked about the mercy of God being Jesus ~ One could see the Light entering inside of him. We talked further about Jesus words on “no man can come to the Father except through Him.” He readily received Jesus as Lord and was so thankful that I had shared with him that Jesus was the Way, Truth to Eternal life sent by the One True Living God. After our garden walk, Karishna, a grounds assistant also prayed to receive Jesus. Side note: I ended up with a beautiful arrangement of tropical flowers!