Going Back to School

Today is the first day I will be going back to the primary school. I am excited to see the teachers and be around the children again.

I see Mrs. Pareti, the headmistress from last fall, and she’s excited that I’m back. When I was here last fall, I carried world maps here for the school to have for all the classrooms. At the time, I was short three maps. So, I had her the three maps I promised to bring on my return. She is amazed that I kept my word. She talks about how no one comes back and much less keeps their word. She then tells me, no matter who is there as headmaster, I’m always welcomed to come to the school. For I really care.

I’m just delighted to be back in front of the Children again… I am amazed at the number of children who are approaching me to greet me and tell me they are so glad I’m back. Lord, it is Your Love that has touched their hearts that has them remember me. I’m thankful for that.