Lunch with Family…

Lunch at Angelyn’s, she’s a Indian young lady that I met who works at the school. Her mother, Florence, sister in law, Bharti and brother, Edwin, join us. They make a feast. It is a good thing that it is a cool day so I can eat. Thank you Lord. I will actually be able to eat a bit more than I’ve been eating.

Lunch includes: Chicken Masala, (cinnamon, cloves, and chili’s), curried fish, fried fish, prawn fried rice, roti, salad ~ cucumbers, carrots and greens. All very lovely. I say Svadit (tasty).

We enjoy good conversation and then watch the wedding video of Bharti and Edwin. They were married Dec 21st, 2007. Florence was raised a Christian so she prayed for the right one for her son. Bharti came and met Florence at the school. When they talked, she knew this was the girl for her son. When Bharti saw Edwin, the Lord spoke to her too. That was it. Then they proceeded to marriage. One of the customs is to rent a “bus” to transport all the grooms family (extended and almost the entire village) to the brides “hometown” for the wedding. Angelyn asks me which one of us should be next. She told me she wants to marry a Fijian boy and that I should marry an Indian boy. I kid them about “renting a boat” to bring his family from Fiji to US for the wedding. We all laugh!!!!