Going Fishing!!! Water or Land fish?

I was asked if I wanted to go fishing when I first arrived. My answer was if a time could be arranged, I’d love to go.

To my advid fishing friends…Thank you for all the “preparation and training” on my fishing trips. However, these people are really serious about their fishing….It was a wonderful “trip”. MK and KK, let me say that I was blessed ~ there were no leaches to attach to a hook so no need of my rubber gloves! Thank you Lord!!!!!

Adventure number 1: Catching bait. Photo number 1 shows Konam and Grandma doing so…..you find a small pond and take a net that is attached to two sticks. One “sifts” the water to see if you come with “little fish” and freshwater shrimps. These are used for bait. To catch enough to be used for fishing, you wade around for I’d say close to an hour catching bait…..
Adventure number 2: Getting to the water: photo 2 Fishing back home can sometimes require driving many miles to the lake… well here, it requires WALKING miles to get to where the rivermouth and the ocean meet. You carry all your bait and “fishing rods”. It is a beautiful walk over the sand dunes down through a grassey meadow.. cows, horses and old movie sets. Yes, movie sets that were left behind. When one finally arrives at the river banks, you are greeted by a good number of people fishing…
Adventure number 3: Finding a spot to fish: photo 3 Since fishing is taken very seriously, finding a good spot can be a bit tricky. You need enough space inbetween each “line” that is cast so you don’t hook your neighbor.
Adventure number 4: Baiting the hook Thank you Konam and Rimal.. They baited all my hooks!
Adventure number 5: Casting the line photo 4 This was the “trickiest” part of fishing for me to fish back home, and here with this fancy fishing pole, it truly needed practice so I did not “catch a land fish” with the hook.
Adventure number 6: Catching fish??? photo 5 and 6 I finally got something on the line, but to all of our amazement, I was catching crabs.. We laughed as I realed in the “big one”. Others around us were so excited that I was catching crabs they wanted to know exactally where I was throwing my line. See in the market a crab brings between 15 and 20 dollars. I hit the gold mine!
Adventure number 7: I’m better at catching land fish: photo 7 After catching a few small river fish, I decided that I’d stick with the fish that the Lord has sent me here to catch. I turned my fishing ability to the people around me. Since I was the only Eurpoean person fishing, many were curious. I walked and talked with the people fishing, answering their questions and sharing the bait (LOVE OF GOD) and watched the Holy Spirit real ’em in. Glory to God!

Thank you for sending me fishing Lord….
bait-catching.jpg walk-to-fishing-spot.jpg finding-spot2.jpg fishing-pole.jpg catch-of-day2.jpg catch-of-day1.jpg catch-of-day-3.jpg