Striving together for the faith of the Gospel

I have been extremely blessed as the Lord gave me an American Family here who has also been assigned to Minister in Fiji at a Church called The Rock. A Virginia Based ministry. Thank you Lord for sending them!

Pastors Lenard and Serena Johnson and 5 of their 7 Children arrived in Fiji a month after I did. We met in the park in Korotogo Village on Good Friday. I attended the church service they were holding with a friend. It was an encounter that I will never forget for a number of reasons.

As opportunities have opened up for me to go places, the Holy Spirit has encouraged me to ask Pastor Lenard and Serena to come along with me (sometimes including the children) and minister. For me, it is a great honor to work along side of them. It is a huge blessing to help one another accomplish all that the Lord has planned for each of us here in Fiji.

The Children, who are with them here, range from 3 1/2 to 17, are all wonderfully gifted individuals. I’m blessed to see them sing, dance and minister. We’ve gone snorkling together, thank you Lord for making the opportunity to just “Hang out” and get to know eachother, and I’ve attended some of the church services at the main Rock Church. Another Blessing as the Services are in English… Easier on me!

The youngest, Olivia, I call my little Miss Mandrin because she loves eating the lovely Fijian mandrins with me… The entire family has opened their arms to me. And for that I’m really thankful to the Lord…. A blessing sent from America not only for Fiji, but for me!

The family: L to R: Janelle, P. Lenard, Daniel, Serena, Candace, Olivia(front), Danielle