Let the Truth of You Kingdom Reign in Me!

After a day of prayer and fasting we went out to Evangelize and minister at the hospital.
I am continually humbled by the move of the Spirit of the Lord here. All the Glory goes to God our Father who through His Son Jesus is demonstrating His love for the people. My prayer for this day: Let the Truth of Your Kingdom Reign in Me.

The hospital is segmented in wards by men and women. As we walked in, a woman, Shaniza, was coming out of the men’s section. She looked at me like she knew me and said hello. She immediately shared that her brother in law was in the hospital. He could feel his body and touch, but he could not move and had been in that state for days. I told her I was a Christian missionary who there to pray for the sick. She grabbed my hand and said, “Come with me now!” I entered the section where he was and there was a family of 9 standing there. The man’s name is Sham Mohammad.

Sham’s wife and a few of Sham’s brothers, sisters and children were there visiting. Shaniza told them that I would pray for Sham. I asked whether or not the family believed in Jesus. They looked around and then looked back at me and said “We’re Muslim”.

Luke 21:15 reads, “For I (Jesus) will give you a mouth and such utterance and wisdom that all of your foes (those who are opposed to) combined will be unable to stand against you or refute.”

I told the family that Jesus, The Son of God, was the one who could heal not me. I then shared the Gospel of Truth with them.

They all said that they wanted to pray to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. I prayed with the family and asked them to agree with me for Sham’s healing in the Name of Jesus. When I turned to pray for Sham, I made sure that he had received Jesus too. He had tears rolling down his face as he confessed Jesus as Lord, Savior and Healer. I was holding Sham’s hand and told him that what was afflicting him was a wicked spirit. That as I prayed in the name of Jesus the Son of God, the anointing of God would set him free. The tears kept coming. When I was finished praying, Sham threw back the covers and started to move. All in the room were thanking Jesus for Healing Sham.

Immediately after, Sham’s brother, Ziam, requested that I pray for him too. He had been in the hospital just a few days before and needed healing. I’m hoping that my words can paint a picture of the TRUTH of HIS KINGDOM breaking through to this family and others around!!!!..

When we finished in Sham’s room, two men across the hall motioned for us to come in for prayer. They were Muslim’s and had heard what was shared. They too prayed for Jesus to be Lord, Savior and Healer and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. There were immediate recoveries.

Glory to God!!!! The Lord Jesus the Healer was moving through the hospital again.