Have you ever had…….

Sami and I engage in a conversation of a variety of tops. One of the the topics was, about things we’ve ate: So, here we start,

Have you ever had:

Alligator – tastes like chicken

Octopus – if not cooked right, tastes like rubberbands

Squid – same as above

Snake – kind of like chicken

Goat – tastes like beef? Well kind of….

Kivika (a fruit here in Fiji)

Kasava (potato like root vegetable from fiji)

BAT! Yes BAT!!! Yikes… No way… I can not believe that they eat bat…

Sami asks me what way do I like my Fijian food prepared… I say in a lovo. That is an earth oven. Kasava, fish and chicken is just delicious! Sami professes that he’ll be getting me one “bat” to try. Well see… I don’t know about that.