Into the Valley I go…..

After service and settling the house, TalaTala (Pastor) Akei, his wife, Rundini, Sami (TalaTala’s son) and I went to the “valley”.
It is up the river on the west side, (for future reference, the east side of the river is called the “interior”).

It was a beautiful drive, but also a good thrill ride (due to Cyclone Gene), through washed out roads, fallen palms and branches, all to a church where we were doing a dedication. Part of the congregation swims, yes, swims, across the river, oh say about 300 yards or so, to get to church. No footbridge across that river. Yes, they strap the kiddies to their backs. It’s interesting as they start up river 100 or so yards from where they want to end up and use the current to help them cross. It’s quite fascinating… I say, “Now that’s dedication!”