Heart for the people

What the Lord has put into my heart is a love for the people of Fiji. Even though I’m still being used as I stay in the hotel as a witness to the tourists¬Ě, it is the villages and the people that I really desire to reach. I’m thankful for the opportunities in my just going about that I’m able to be used. As we’ve been ministering in villages, it is revealed that many already know the name of Jesus, they just don’t know Jesus, especially as Savior and Lord. Prayers have been for the religious spirit to cease and desist from keeping hearts closed and for the LIGHT to flood their understanding. My prayers also have been to have an expanded compassion and understanding of the people and customs here by the places and faces He has appointed unto me. I know that there is much that needs to be deposited inside of me, and there is much that needs to be left here.