Trucks, Taxis & Buses

Adventures don’t always seem to go the way you anticipate. I had to make a trip to the airport in Nadi and needed transportation. My Spirit Filled Friend, Emori said he’d help me with my needs. He prayed a quick prayer then told me to meet him by the road. I first thought that I’d be going by mini van for the 2 1/2 hour drive. Emori flagged down a commercial truck that was going my direction. The two men in the truck listened to Emori’s instructions then said let’s go. I got in the truck ~ call it a chariot that was first class~ for the first part of the journey. Both men prayed to receive Jesus. When we got into to the town of Sigatoga, Herman (the driver), pulled up to an ice cream stand and dropped me off. He told me that that is where my next ride was awaiting. Both men thanked me for riding in a “truck” that day ~ for their eternal destiny was secured. Is there a transport going to Nadi with that ice cream? As funny as it sounds, that really was the question. A taxi driver told me he was driving to a destination beyond where I needed to go, but would be glad to take me with him & the OTHER PASSENGERS…. Peace once again led me as I got into a taxi with 4 locals. As we made the drive, all of them received Jesus. We then had conversations about the plans and purposes for each of their lives. By the time I arrived at the airport, these 4 guys did not want me to leave~ they wanted more of the Lord. They expressed their gratitude and joy for the message they had been given. I had arrived early (if that is possible here!) and did some “shopping” in the shops at the airport. I met a number of people who were just waiting to hear the message. After completing my business, I needed transportation back. I found an express bus stand and got a ticket.
The 2 1/2 hour ride was wonderful. I actually got to go through the city of Nadi and see the everyday life. It is a different way of life for each of us. But what is so evident is it still is a life that needs to be guaranteed eternally… When I arrived back at the hotel, I was asked of the staff was that you that Emori put in a truck? Opportunity for the gospel to continue to go forth.