Highlight from Dinner… truly why I was there….

The highlight for me was not the meal itself, but rather one beautiful 12 year old (or so) girl who kept coming my way and playing “hide and seek” with me. She was enamored with my blond hair. She would sneak up behind me to touch my hair and then flee away. I was trying to get her photo and she would “duck” out of site. It was quite fun. Finally, I “caught” her and was able to have a photo taken of the two of us….
I gave her a hug and kiss which just tickled her. Thank you Lord for allowing me to demonstrate your Love to this precious girl.

After dinner we walked the street shops and were able to share with many as they wanted to practice English and finding an interperter was easy.
Interacting with the people was so wonderful… It was too bad that the group was so tired from our 12 hour train journey into Kaifeng. My Spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak (very tired)… none the less, many received Him Who sent us…