Hope and Expectancy….

It was after 8:00pm when we finally arrived at the town of Buchanan. We were immediately taken to the church.
Since we were expected there hours before we arrived, many of the people had departed, but a few faithful remained.
What was rolling in my Spirit was Isaiah 40:31

but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.

Impressed upon my heart was what ever renewal of strength they needed, Spirit, Soul or Body, was going to be granted.
They had waited for us ~ But not necessarily us. There was a demand being put on the Spirit of the Lord by the people. An expectancy and hope for what the man(or woman) of God was bringing to them. Whether it was a deposit in their spirit by the message carried, a touch of the Love of God, or a healing in their physical body. They would receive because they waited upon the Lord.

There was a woman who had boils all over her legs, she was there since the sun came up waiting for the man (or woman) of God to arrive so she could be prayed for. Well we arrived. We prayed for her… God healed her. The next morning when she walked in she was what I would call “skipping”. One could hardly recognize that it was this woman from the night before who was on the floor and could not walk… Praise the Lord….
And HE healed them ALL!!!!