We’re Bush kill?????REALLY!

We went to the village of Fetowa, which is 37 miles from Buchanan ~ the road was better, but we did have to get out and walk.

As we approached the village we had to pass the school. I’m not quite sure how they are able to get messages to let the people know the exact time of our arrival, somehow it happened. The school children had lined the “road” to welcome us with singing in their Basa language.

It is such a warm welcome that always touches my heart and further humbles me in regards to the call that God has placed upon each of us. To carry His love into the world, to see places that one only imagined about or saw in a national geographic magazine. WOW and WOW.

P. Henry spoke at this gathering and what he said made me laugh so hard. It was explained that when a young man becomes of age, he is sent out to make his first “kill” and bring it back so he can present it to the tribal chief. Well, Henry promised as he was sent out so many years ago, that he would bring back some missionaries. Way into the interior of this land, to a place where this is the first time a white person has been seen, he was bringing his “bush kill” to present to the Chief. Hey, did he just call us bush kill? The entire church errupted with laughter. Henry talked about how we ended up in Liberia and how excited he was to present us to the chief…. His right of passage had been completed…

Walking on part of the Road to Fetowa (l) a bridge they had to build so we could cross the river to reach the village.. (Amazing!!!)
lstrvlrd.JPG bridge.JPG

School Children singing for us and watching the service and two girls who walked and held my hands until we departed…
fetowa1.JPG fetowa21.JPG fetowa3.JPG